Somaderm Gel

My personal testimonial. In the fall of 2018, I was in desperate search of a solution. I took hormonal birth control for almost 20 years and when I finally got off it, I was a mess. Crazy periods, bloating, short cycles, and terrible cramping. I had never experienced anything like it. I reluctantly tried the gel but I was not willing to take it long term because of the price. Then this happened…


  • My hormones are SO MUCH better and my periods are easier. I’ve see a huge improvement in my hormone fluctuations.
  • My body is leaner! The skin on my legs is tighter and firmer.
  • My energy is boundless and my strength in the gym is incredible.
  • My joints feel better and I move better.  
  • My hair looks healthier, my nails are stronger and my skin looks better.
  • I’m sleeping so deep and having vivid dreams.
  • My vitality is improved and my husband is so happy about that!
  • My mood is amazing and my brain is on fire.


I love direct sales products but feel weird about the whole sales process. I did sign up as a distributor with only the intention of selling enough to pay for my own product but it just blew up from there. If you are looking for another income stream, this is a great one!

KG4 & KetoGen 4

I’ve used these products off and on since they came out last year. I have found that the ketones really help my concentration and they give me great non-jittery energy.


I’ve also seen hundreds of people have great weight loss success with the products, even without eating a low carb diet. Selling a product for weight loss is super cringey to me so that’s all I’ll say about that.


Fortress was created to provide key ingredients to support your body’s protective functions when you need it most. High quality and effective ingredients deliver what you need, when you need it. These independently studied, uniquely sourced key ingredients aim to support your body’s immune mechanisms and support overall vitality.