Clumsy is the Name of my Game

I used to be quite clumsy. I’ve gotten a little better over the years. Sobriety has helped a lot. Imagine that, right?

On my first date with Ryan, I walked straight into a glass wall. Ryan was a perfect gentleman and pretended not to even notice.

Crossfit and karate have helped me a lot with body awareness so I don’t have nearly as many tumbles. One of my favorite funny accidents did happen in my Crossfit gym. I was doing a workout called “Filthy Fifty” and it has a set of 50 back extensions towards the end of this rather grueling workout. It was a hot day and I was getting super tired. I jumped up on the GHD machine (a machine that you step into with your legs pinned and then you rest your pelvis on a pad but your upper body is free and unsupported) and somehow went into the down part of my extension before my legs were secured properly. I went face first over the GHD and literally fell on my face. The guy beside me was horrified and jumped off his GHD to make sure I was ok. Nothing hurt (except my pride) so I went into the bathroom to examine the damage. No bruises or blood, just a few eyelash extensions that were pulled off in the ruckus.

Please tell me your most embarrassing clumsy moment!

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